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Decentralised Exchange

NOT just another DEX

Fair trades between traders and liquidity providers

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Smart Liquidity Management

Hypersea provides a new ecosystem for liquidity management

Automatic Liquidity Management

Hypersea Algorithm manages liquidity based on oracle price volatility and many other factors

Effective Liquidity Concentration

Liquidity is continuously redistributed,
optimising profits and cutting impermanent loss

Dynamic Fees

Fees are based on real time price volatility.
Less risk - less fees


Hypersea's goal is to facilitate optimal trading between liquidity providers and traders

Optimal Swap Price

Lower slippage for traders based on actual oracle price data

Higher Liquidity Income

Effective liquidity use and dynamic fees yield better results for liquidity providers

Reduced Impermanent Loss

Liquidity provider impermanent loss significantly reduced using volatility protection mechanisms


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